Learn how we help entrepreneurs collaborate and raise capital with peer-to-peer private equity investors efficiently.


Services for entrepreneurs

Complete fundraising fast
Our Business Builder application handles the mundane distribution and scheduling tasks so you can focus on your ideas, business plans, and presentations!
Comprehensive deal flow management
Our Business Builder application allows you to focus on the big picture. From business plan distribution, investor meetings, tracking reservations, feedback and commitments to deal closing.
Secure private distribution
Bring your own investor distribution list of family, friends and partners. Use our service to manage your fundraising efforts.
Access to wider audience of motivated angel investors
When your private distribution list is not enough, tap into our growing network of members, all independent investors looking for great opportunities to invest in.
Host first class investor presentations and webinars
Schedule investor meetings effortlessly. We provide the toll-free teleconference rooms and PC screen-share technology you need to communicate your ideas and vision clearly and efficiently.
Improve your business plan with real investor feedback
Track investor feedback effortlessly. Use critical review of your business plan to improve it and evolve into the best plan possible.
Affordable, pay only for what you need and use
For the cost of a Starbucks caffè latte, you can host an hour long investor meeting with motivated investors serious about exploring your business opportunity.
Break geographic limits to collaborate
Forget the hassle and expense of travel to have a sit down with prospective investors. We help you do it effectively and affordably!